So many things change in the course of a week. Last Thursday I could not imagine getting through this interminable semester. I felt like I had a ton of things to do at work, and I felt sincerely lost as to what I was really doing with my life.

Tonight…I’m renewed. I have a shiny new toy (this blog), the reading period (beginning of this semester’s end) starts next week, and tomorrow’s my last day of work (which is a little sad).

I know exactly what led to the change too! I woke up this morning and in the words of my younger, but often much wiser, sister, released the water pressure. That was apparently all I needed. A little tears and little Mel (who hates nicknames) and here we are!

I don’t have much to say tonight except that I can’t wait to have more to say and I hope I say things often. Check up on me!

Sweet dreams everyone.


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