Nothing easy about it

So much thought goes into where this kiddo sleeps and what or when he should eat. I never knew there would be so many minute details floating around my brain when I became a mom. One of my favorite instagram accounts recently put it well!

I find myself oscillating between what I think is “best for him” and what “works for our family,” and often wonder whether these two things are really one and the same or if selfishness makes me conflate them.  Please don’t expect a clear opinion on that from me in this post; rather, feel free to share your thoughts on the matter!

Two perfect (very recent) examples of what I mean:

  1. I recently moved baby to his crib because he’s outgrown the co-sleeper and I decided at around month two that I could only share my bed with one other person. Only a week in and I couldn’t take it last night. He slept in our bed. My tiny house feels like a mansion by the third time I have to walk to his room to nurse him. That brings me to the next example.
  2. As of Monday (four days short of five months), baby is no longer exclusively breastfed. He has been having a little oatmeal with breast milk before bed and tomorrow he starts solids. Why? He’s met 3/6 (or so) milestones, at least according to some of the online resources I often turn to, that signal he’s ready, I’m going back to work at the end of this month and I want to be an active participant in the food preparation and feeding.

I just wonder – is it better for the baby to sleep with mom if that’s when he sleeps longer? Or is mom just selfishly allowing baby to sleep with her so she can be horizontal for an entire night? Is it best for baby to start solids? Or would it be better to go another month with just breast milk? Does it matter?

I’m starting to think parenting is nothing more than an unending series of random decisions based mostly on the parents’ personal preferences. Or am I missing something?


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