Welcome to Dublin

We got into Dublin at around 7am. I was ecstatic about driving on the “wrong” side of the road. It was beyond cool, in its newness, to shift from “parking” to “reverse” with my left hand! Fifteen minutes on the M50, with a quick transfer to the N2, and I had us safely parked at the Ardmore hotel, a ten minute bus ride from the city centre.

Thanks to my metabolism, which I’m trying hard to keep on the move these days, I was starving by the time we figured out what we wanted to do and got into the city. After a long, meandering walk, we ducked into a quiet local pub. Oddly enough, we were served potato (Irish staple, no?) soup by an Asian waitress. When I fell asleep on my feet at the National Gallery, catching myself only because the step I unknowingly took scared me half to death, we decided to return to the hotel for a nap.

Though the nap was a little longer than we planned, it did wonders for our evening. We successfully found a non-touristy Czecheslovakian pub, Pifko, meaning pint, with delicious burgers and beer. As it turns out, Plzen  (pronounced Pilsen) is where pilsner beers originated and “pilsner urquell,” the name of the beer I had, means “original source.”

Delighted with a night cap consisting of Bailey’s and live rock at the Gypsy Rose, I’m off to bed with the painting of a “View of Killarney, County Kerry,” by Jonathan Fisher, on my mind. I caught a glimpse of that one right before leaving the National Gallery for my nap and hope to see the real thing tomorrow.

Cheers to a great first day.


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  1. ketty gerardo January 2, 2013 @ 8:10 PM

    I am so glad you guys made it nicely the first day 😉 I am pretty sure it will be the same the rest of the week.. enjoy it very much, Have fun and be safe 😉 it is a very well deserved vacation!!!

    I love you very much Negrita bella 😉


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